The History of
Norr Design


It all started a long time ago...

... Or actually it wasn't that long ago.

Norr Design was founded in 2014 at the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås, as part of the program Textile Product Development and Entrepreneurship. As the Beanie-lovers we all were (and still are), we realized that it was difficult to find a stylish beanie that also were flexible and made of organic materials. During the last year of school we had the opportunity to experiment and find a solution to this huge beanie problem. We searched under each log and stone and managed to find the right material  in the jungle among textiles. In early 2015, we took the school project into reality and we started Norr Design as a brand and company.

Today we make beanies and accessories in organic and sustainable materials. All our accessories are versatile and can be used in both outdoor activities or to a cool urban outfit.

The backbone behind Norr Design
consists of us, Louise, Mathilda & Carin .
Three women with different backgrounds and experience, from the streets of Manhattan to mountain adventures . But somethings we have in common, not at least the love to textiles .