The people behind Norr Design



Born and raised in Skövde. Escaped after high school to New York and stayed for a few years. Louise is very interested in fashion and live the urban life here in Sweden. Her secret dream, however, is to live in a cottage with a lot of animals (preferably mini-piglets), but until then she lives in an apartment with an alarming amount of tomato plants. She is a rookie in sports but hardcore when it comes to taking on challenges. In 2014 she began her skiing career with brilliant results.


Originally from Kristinehamn in Värmland. Have lived in Copenhagen and welcomed the world at Kastrup airport. Mathilda is crazy about sports and in constant motion. Skiing in all directions , football, and running etc. is some of her skills, and she is hoping to one day complete a swedish classic. She loves adventures and challenges. Outdoor life with all that implies is dear to her heart, and something she have grown up with in the forests of Värmland .


From Örebro with roots in the lovely Bergslagen. She has thru the years lived in both Switzerland and New Zealand. She loves the outdoors so during winter, you will either find her on skiis in the Alps or ice skating in Bergslagen. During the summer she changes skates to a kayak. She is creative like no other and is passionate about interior design, crafts and different projects she takes on. Her home is probably the nicest in this kingdom.